Monday, May 25, 2009

My Not Me's

I do not hate report card day.
I did not get so stressed about report card day that I woke up in the wee hours of the morning stressing over it almost to tears. My husband who was awake readying for work did not pick up on it and pray for me. I did not feel better after that. -Wait -yes I did!
I do not ever stress over things at work because that is worrying and God doesn't want us to worry since it points toward that fact that we aren't trusting Him.
I did not have the dishwasher repair man come out only to tell me (for a 65 dollar serivice call) that the parts to repair my dishwasher would cost me 500 dollars.
I did not send him away with a "No Thank You."
I am not using a whole lot more paper plates and cups than usual.
I did not sweep my floor three times in one day and mop twice.
I did not sit outside while mosquitoes dined on me so I could watch the guys in the family play basketball.
I did not ask Avery what the dog, lamb, and cat said at least 20 times today just so I could hear her say it again.
I did not eat only veggies yesterday at lunch and supper which included a potato with no butter in an attempt to eat healthier.
I am not planning on eating a little less healthy today though. Hope that Ribeye is worth it.
I do not have hairs on my chin that need plucking. Of course I dont. That is not lady like, or sophisticated at all. I do not have that problem because I am not too lazy to get up and go find the tweezers to take care of it. Not me at all. Must be someone else. Some much older unsophisticated old woman. -OK that was too much information.
I was not glad I got my camera back this weekend.
I was not sad at all that the battery was dead and I couldn't begin taking photos immediately.
I did not enjoy editing the pictures I took last weekend while we kept Avery and I am not about to post some of them here.I do not LOVE the photo above because it is completely precious with Poppas hand guiding in safety, a little miracle named Avery Grace.

This is not Avery saying "Bye bye".

I do not actually have a few with me actually in them. This isn't one of them.


Mallory said...

in the first picture avery looks like a brunette, i was thinking "whose baby is that?" love all the pics, she is too cute! =)

Calley said...

How funny! I am thinking people are going to start calling me "unibrow" if I don't schedule in time for these brows. YIKES!
I love the pics- and I know you are thrilled that you will be out before you know it! Maybe me and you can get together sometime and practice! Fun, fun!

Avery's Mommy said...

love the pics...funny not me's

why is report card day so bad?

Cristi said...

I have to compile the fine list which several teachers wait until that morning to bring in their lists of books that havent been returned yet, the others are letting me know that some have been returned so I need to remove them. I have to pull all the report cards of those who owe fines and file them. There are those who are enrolling for drivers ed which is done that day for some. I have to copy those forms and get them to the teacher. The phone rings a zillion times with the question - "What time can I get my childs report card?" or "Can I come get my childs report card now, cause I have to go ..." and "Why not?" I have to collect fine money and receipt it, pass out cards, have teachers sign off on their club/activity accounts, Do the Principals report for all teachers because it is their last day, so those forms have to be correct printed out, and signed by them. At 2:45 the teachers go into staff meeting and all the report cards come to my office (along with all the parents and students who need to get theirs. I then give out report cards to all students who have not picked up theirs plus the fine cards. Whenever a report card is not able to be found I have to go in the system and print out one, after I make sure they dont owe a fine. If someone has a fine and they dont understand why I have to look it up and show them where the teacher turned in their name. (and hear parents gripe about having to pay them.)Thats just a sampling... :)

Penny said...

The picture where Avery is looking up reminds me of her momma at that age. Sweet expression! I have a picture that I love of Lauren walking away with her Poppa holding her hand. You'd never know from looking at it, that she was in the process of getting in trouble! LOL