Friday, May 29, 2009

Late Memorial Day Post

Another week has flown by and I realized I never blogged about our great extended weekend we had. Todds parents came in town and his brother came over too. Casey and Charlie were here with Avery. Mark came in too! So it was a big family time and it was very nice. We grilled Steaks which had been marinated overnight and were delicious. The fruit salad was fantastic. I chose fruit salad instead of desert. Healthier you see. Avery wasnt feeling perfect. As a matter of fact she had just found out that she had an ear infection but they decided to come on anyway. She did fine really. She did break out in a mysterious rash while she was here as you can see. But we assumed (and Charla confirmed) that is was probably a "reaction" from the immunizations she had 10 days earlier. Charla (my sweet smart friend who is now a Nurse Practictioner) said that meant that the immunization took well. So Praise the Lord for that. Charla also brought me a stack of clothes she no longer needed. Boy do I need them, and I was so excited that a lot of them FIT! So now I have several new outfits for work. Thanks Charla! Anyway Josh wanted to get in some basketball time with the guys but the limbs were blocking the shots so Todd got out his trusty chain saw and took care of the problem for them. He is so sweet in every way. I do not have Basketball photos because just about the time they were beginning my battery decided it needed to be recharged. Oh well, next time. We really had a very nice Memorial Day. It was so great to spend time with everyone. Too bad I cant do that with my side of the family more often. I miss them.
I came across these while finding just the right photos for this blog and decided I would share them as well. These were taken last Memorial Day. What a difference a year makes. It makes you wonder what next Memorial Day will be like. Well I hope your Memorial Day was nice too. And now off to another GREAT weekend.


Penny said...

Well, thanks a lot! Now I'm thinking about how much bigger my cuddly baby will be next year-- and how independent! Aww, man! :(
Sleeping baby pictures are always my favorite. =)

Calley said...

Awww...look how tiny Avery was in the last memorial day pics! I know what Penny means- Amaus is going to be running around everywhere next year! :( boohoo- Hopefully he will still be cuddly!