Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrations Again!

2010 is proving out to be a year of celebrations just as I felt it would be. Our High School Basketball Team just won the State Championship this last weekend. When we got to the Semi Playoffs I wanted to go to that game so badly but it was on a Tuesday and both Todd and I had to work on Wednesday. Not only did we have to go to work Wednesday but Todd of course had to be there at 3 am. Us getting home at 1:30 would not have worked to say the least. So we didnt go. But when they made it to the final game which was played on Friday, I REALLY wanted to go. Now Todd has to work on Saturdays as well, and he still has to get up for work at 3 am. I was concerned as to how this was going to work. I asked him to please see if he could get someone to work for him that day. His job is not like most where you can just call in and not come to work. He explained to me that 'so and so' was working out of town and that there was no one to do it. First thing the next morning I gave him a call to see if he had "worked it out yet". LOL He hadnt. But that afternoon after talking to his boss, it DID WORK OUT! I was so excited. We knew we didnt want to drive back that night getting in at 1:30 in the morning. (The game was in Lafayette, La) So we stayed in a Drury Inn there in Lafayette. When we got to the hotel we were informed that they were serving SUPPER which was included in the price of the room! Wow, so we ate Chili Dogs, Baked Potatoes, Salad, Chips, and Salsa. There was also popcorn and a few other things we didnt try. It was nice and saved us an expensive meal out. Then off to the Cajun Dome! It was so exciting. Tons of people from Vidalia were there. It was so nice to see such support from the Vidalia fans. We were so proud of our boys and their coaches for doing such a wonderful job. We made it to the Finals last year as well and got the 2nd place trophy then. It was so awesome to be able to come back this year and give it another try. So no matter how it ended up we knew we were proud of their effort and talent in this sport. But low and behold these guys stepped it up once again and blew their way right to the Championship Trophy! Did I mention that it was exciting? Now to back up a bit, my plan was to switch the lens out on my camera on the trip to Lafayette. But Todd wanted me to drive so he could rest a bit on the way up since he had been up since 3 am. So I did. That resulted in me forgetting to switch my lens out and not realizing it until we were at the Cajun Dome. I knew if I left the regular lens on the camera the pictures would not be what I wanted from so high up in the Dome. So I chose to leave the camera in the car. :( No pictures from the exciting game. I do hate that because as you all know I am a PICTURE FREAK! But I did make up for it the next day when the State Champions returned to their home town! Many of us greeted them at the school when they pulled into town. That was exciting too. Josh was already in the caravan that went out to meet them and follow them in. He has really been behind them and is a great fan of the team. If we had known they were doing that we would have been right in there behind them. But we jumped in from there and followed them all through town! It was fun going through the neighborhoods and honking horns and waving flags and yelling for our team. Finally we made it back to the school for hugs of congratulations, hand shaking, and a bit more celebration. We are proud of the Vidalia Vikings Basketball Team who are the Louisiana STATE CHAMPIONS!
What a great time we had this weekend. :)


The Glenn Gang said...

How fun! So proud of those vikings!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Great post! If you had brought you other lens and camera in, they probably would have sent you back to the car with it. At least that's what Randy had to do. The let me keep my smaller lens, but they called the other one a professional lens and Randy had to walk all the way back to the car to leave it there.