Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Recipe Post

We had a DELICIOUS supper tonight if I do say so myself. Well I do say so, but I am not going to keep it all to myself. I am going to share with you! Thus - A RECIPE POST!

So I started with desert first of course. (That's best according to my friend Pattie, especially if it involves chocolate!) It does involve chocolate, and lots of it. I got this recipe for Truffles from The Pioneer Womans blog. I don't read it often but have checked it a time or two. Recently I clicked on it and this was the recipe she had up. Well this is my version of her recipe. Here goes:

These are the ingredients you will need for these truffles. Bakers Baking Semi Sweet and Unsweetened Chocolate Squares. An 8 oz. box of each, 1 can of Eagle Brand Milk, Vanilla Flavoring, 2 boxes of Bakers Dipping Chocolate. (Normally I would use Almond Bark but this is what the store had so I used it and I like it.)

First you break up the pieces of chocolate and place in a double boiler. I do not own a double boiler so I used a glass bowl in a saucepan of boiling water. Make sure you dont have too much water in the saucepan so it doesnt overflow when you put the bowl of chocolate in like I did. Wait a few minutes for it to begin to melt and then before stirring add the can of Eagle Brand Milk. Fold together. It will become a pretty thick mixture. When it is all mixed well add a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring. Mix well and transfer to another bowl, cover with foil, and place in freezer for an hour and a half - or more if you are busy in an hour and a half. Next remove from freezer and roll into small bite sized balls and place on waxed paper. Then place all "truffels" into freezer for 30 minutes. Next melt the dipping chocolate or almond bark, dip truffels, and place onto waxed paper. Now for a trick that I would never have tried in a million years. Sprinkle a little of this onto them while they are wet.
I did about 3, then sprinkled, then 3 more, then sprinkled... The sea salt on the truffels is GREAT! Seriously, try it! Now I didnt go buy the Sea Salt especially for this. I already had some. Why, you ask? Todd got it one time when he was COOKING supper. He was grilling steak, and baking potatoes. He bought the potatoes that come in some package with INSTRUCTIONS! That was part of the instructions so he got it and followed instructions! LOL Anyway on with MY supper.

For the main course. I marinated a nice thick sirloin steak last night. I used Emeril Lagasses Steak Seasoning, EVOO, Worchestershire, a little cooking wine, and ground pepper. It sat overnight in the fridge and soaked up all that goodness. So all I had left to do for that was throw it on the grill tonight.
The last recipe I have for you is one I got from a Rachel Ray show recently.
First I cleaned some new potatoes and popped them into boiling chicken stock. I used one box of chicken stock, and also some frozen stock I had saved from the last time I boiled chicken. (I cant remember why I boiled the chicken, but anyway I am glad I froze the stock.) Let the potatoes boil for 30 minutes until tender. Then comes the good part. Remove them from the liquid and add half a stick of butter. Now take a flat edge like a glass and squash each potatoe gently and allow them to brown. When browned flip each potatoe and brown on the other side. (Rachel Ray then added some freshly grated Parmesian Cheese, but I had to skip this part since I am the only one in this house that would enjoy that) I served them as is. They were GREAT!

Then I just made some butter beans and rolls and the meal was complete. When I took the Sirloin off the grill I let it sit for about 5 minutes so that when I cut it the juices wouldnt all run out. Then I sliced in at a slight angle to serve. So this was our meal tonight! And this was our desert!Yum Yum! I think I'll go have some seconds. hehehe


Theresa Lamb; Philip Lamb said...

Good grief. I need to come to your house for cooking lessons! That looks fantastic. That truffle recipe looks wonderful too. I had found one at the Philadelphia Cream Cheese site but your's sounds better! Did you see the breakfast sausage pie recipe I put on facebook w/ pics? That was Adam's recipe and it is good!

brtty stella said...

wow! That sounds wonderful! I bet Todd wishes you were home all the time to cook like that!! Yummy!

Penny said...

Now, even when I get my spring break, I will NOT spend it cooking. lol
That really does look good, though. :)

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Yummy! Sea Salt also goes really well with caramel. Weird how it brings out the flavor in things that you least expect.

Avery's Mommy said...

I love any recipe that involves 3 dif kinds of chocolate. I would've NEVER guessed the sea salt and probably chickened out of it!

Gosh, I think we need a repeat of that meal this weekend ;)