Monday, March 22, 2010


Saturday was a beautiful day. I mentioned earlier that we went to Miss Jami's for Bunny pictures for part of the day. While we were doing that the guys went golfing. Even Todd went with them this time. I was so surprised. He usually doesn't go because of the time it takes. But he decided he wanted to go this time and really enjoyed himself. I was happy for him. When we were finished with the pictures, we headed out to catch up with them on the golf course. Wanna guess who LOVED it? Little Avery Grace had a SUPER time. She ran, and explored, and pointed, (In this picture she was pointing to the cart and wanting to get in.) -Thanks for grabbing the camera Casey-So Avery drove. She smiled, jumped,
helped out, and had a very nice time. She even took a little lesson from our own personal golf pro. She spent some quality time with Josh. It is kinda strange how she used to be so enthralled by him she would just sit and watch him for the longest periods of time. You could just sit her beside him and she would just gaze up at him for a while. Now, not so much. She is a little unnerved by him for some reason. lol She thought the golf cart was fantastic though. When we stopped, you know for a small reason like for the guys to, you know, golf; she would say, "Go, go". She was ready to get back in the golf cart.

I was lovin takin pictures. Then we saw this. What an excellent idea. Pictures on the bridge. So Casey, Charlie, and Avery got onto the bridge. Ready, Aim, Click --- Nothing. My battery was dead! Aaaahhh! Oh well. Since Todd enjoyed this so much I think we may take another trip or two there at some point in the near future. I will be camera ready and heading for the bridge next time. We had so much fun on Saturday. It did start to get cold before we left. Who knew it would be freezing when we got up on Sunday. Even saw a few snow flakes. Craziness!


Avery's Mommy said...

Cute! Love all the pics!

Calley said...

Awesome pics, as always! I love the one of you and Avery and her arm pointing- so funny! She was ready to get on that cart!