Monday, March 22, 2010

He Will

Saturday we got to go to Miss Jami's and take pictures with the bunnies! She liked holding the bunny until it tried to move. Then not so much. And of course true to form, she took some pictures and did fine until she was DONE. Then it was certainly time to move on. But thankfully Jami got some good shots.

Before we headed out to see the bunnies we did our own photo shoot out in our driveway.

I think Avery has a little story to tell us for today.

What? What's the problem?

Lift your eyes to God above!

He will take care of you!

Now that will make a girl twirl!


Avery's Mommy said...

LOVE these pics. Send me some if you get a chance so I can post em. Love ya!

Penny said...

Sweet. I love her little dress and can't wait to see the new pics. =)

brtty stella said...

What precious pictures! Love being able to see them. To see her grow and have fun. The little dress is so pretty!