Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun Times

Well unfortunately for Casey and Charlie they were a little under the weather this weekend. I didnt find that out until late Friday evening. Once I found out I offered to take this little sweetie for the weekend. Fortunately for us, they accepted my offer. So this is what we did during our visit.

First we made a quick stop at Wal Mart to get a few groceries and pick up a doll stroller for her to play with, but they didnt have one. Once we made it home the sun came out and it turned into a pretty day so we played outside. Avery loves to drop things into my chimnea, so of course I let her.
Then she decided to go for a nice long drive. This drive mainly consisted of opening and closing this:
Bue she did do a little driving. I guess she got a little borde of it. I dont really know what these expressions are saying? Any thoughts?

So anyway after the drive we headed to the kitchen to do some cooking. This girl can make a mean spaghetti sauce!
She thought it was pretty good too and ate a ton of it.
We also went to the big Natchez Mall and did some shopping. We got these great shoes

and some popcorn and a cookie. Poppa shared his popcorn after she finished her cookie.Later on we had a visit from some friends who brought a gift for Avery. A DOLL STROLLER! Yep, exactly what we had gone to Wal Mart for earlier and they were out of! Avery loved it and strolled her babies all around. Thanks Ms. Angel! (That baby doll was mine when I was little. Aunt Eva Marie made it for me!)

Oh and I did get to make good use of my new glider!

Sunday morning we got ready for church. She got to wear the sweet dress Grandma got her for her birthday!She did great at church. She took a nap even though I dont know how she could sleep during that great sermon!

Then back to the house to play in the sunshine some more.
Here she is fussing at the puppy who wouldnt come over to play with her.
Sunday night she went back to church with us and she was in Nonnas class. You would have thought we were at Disney World. She had a BLAST! She colored and used the markers and stickers and never tired of the fun. She doesnt like to get her hands dirty, and when she was using the markers she would get some on her hands and look at them and sorta squeal with worry. It was funny. I would assure her that it was fine and that I would wash them later and she would continue on for a little bit until she noticed it again, and would squeal in horror again. After assurance go on again. It was pretty funny. We had a really nice weekend with her. I think the whole family will be in this weekend for some more fun! :)


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

So fun, I went home and played with our rent to own baby;) I can't wait till Joshua is at Avery's age, they are so much fun at 2.

Cristi said...

They are fun! Now I didnt mention that she blessed me out going down the hall wagging her finger at me when I wouldnt let her do something; or when she piercingly screamed when I took the open markers away from her before we went into the sanctuary at church during class. LOL
Yet still amazingly fun!

Penny said...

And she tattled on my grandbaby! =) Seeing our granddaughters playing and running together was so surreal. Like a rerun of Casey and Mallory playing together. Brought back memories of our shopping trips with two little girls in tow. Now we've got a new generation of little friends. Blesses my heart. God is good.

brtty stella said...

Love the little pink shoes! Funny she doesn't like to get her hands dirty! So "girlie". ha ha.

Avery's Mommy said...

Mom these pics are great! I love them all they are priceless! Thanks so much for keeping her. I think we are almost fully recovered! And boy did I miss her! It felt like she was gone for a week! She u in a couple days!

Calley said...

That's so funny about Avery and her hands! Josiah is like that about his hands too. Glad ya'll had such a wonderful time!

日月神教-向左使 said...
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