Friday, November 6, 2009

Whose Birthday?

Well I did a blog for my sister, then my brother in September and one for Casey, my wonderful daughter in October. Now it's November and guess whose birthday it is. MY MOM. So here is her birthday blog. Mom-Grab a tissue cause you know you are gonna need one. She IS where I get my emotion gene from. :)

So where do I start with my mom? Gosh how do I write this without it sounding all sappy and mushy and stuff? But I do love my mom.

Right from the start she was such a good mom. While she was pregnant with me there were complications. She had lost my brother previously and was headed in that direction again when the doctor did a cervical cerclage which was pretty groundbreaking in the 60's I'm sure. Then he put her on strict bed rest. There she stayed for the duration. I don't remember how long that was but I know it was quite some time. What a trooper. She endured and gave birth to what the Memphis newspapers call "A Miracle Baby"! That's me!!! :0)
She was always interested and showed she cared. She always made sure I got what I needed and even a bunch I just wanted. I remember shopping with her as a teen and enjoying it. I guess I could blame her for enjoying shopping so much now. Just ask her, I can shop and never drop. Let me tell you. --Her fault. :)

I remember when daddy wouldn't let Todd and me get married while I was still in high school. (I mentioned that in Caseys birthday post.) {Daddy was right by the way.} Anyway, back to the post at hand. I just cried and cried when all of that happened and mom was so sweet. She was so sad for me because she knew how upset I was. She handled it wonderfully.I remember a drawer she kept in her room. It was full of clippings from newspapers, articles... showing the signs of Christ's return. Over the years I watched her gentle faith and saw how it ended up being inspiring to my dad, and to me as well. [Excuse me while I get a tissue].

My mom never has a harsh word, well except for that one time when I was a little kid and some other MEAN kid pushed me onto the concrete scraping a good portion of the flesh from the side of my face; and my brother kicked her or something for it - Thanks Johnny, and the mean kids mom came to complain about Johnny and Mom let her have it (In her loving Mother bear sort of way). Thanks Mom. I don't think she remembers that, but I do.

My mom is completely giving, trusting, loving, gentle, and faithful. I am so blessed to be called her daughter. I only wish you all could have a mother so wonderful as her. Sorry, she's taken. Happy Birthday Mom, and Many More.


brtty Stella said...

Thank you Cristi! I love the special birthday blog. You were right, tears did flow!!I love the pictures you chose to put on it too. You have always been a blessing to my life. May God always bless you and your family. I love you. Mama

Avery's Mommy said...

Aww so sweet. Almost had me cryin at work :)


Penny said...

Wow! Mrs. Betty, you rated two posts today. Happy Birthday, again. (I already commented on Casey's.)
Cristi, that was really sweet! =)

Penny said...

Meant to add--- I LOVE the first picture! You also got your photogenic gene from her! Both of you take the best pictures.

M J said...

Aww Happy birthday, Aunt Betty! :)

Calley said...

That was so sweet. :)

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