Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poppa and Poppa and Avery

Well apparently I am not going to get to see Miss Avery this weekend, so I might as well blog about the last time I saw her. :)

Let's see, The sweet little family came down to see Poppa and Nonna. Hard as I tried she would only say Poppa and Poppa, instead of Poppa and Nonna! Or, when I would ask her to say Nonna, she would shake her head no. :( Now, just so you know, she CAN say it. She just chooses not to, to my dismay! :)

While they were here Casey and Charlie knew exactly where to get their nephew Bram an LSU birthday present! "Hometown Sports" which also just happens to be where Josh works! So off to see Uncle Josh at his job. What is really funny is, this kid loves that place. To the point that once we are in there, she never wants to leave. She fusses when we have to. So is it that she just loves hanging out with Uncle Josh? Or is it the abundance of LSU items they have in stock? Either way she had a good time in there.

Here she is helping to wrap Brams gift.

It was a beautiful weekend and we spent some time outside. She loves the trampoline, and the swing, and exploring.

Just so happened she had another FIRST. First time to see a lizard. She watched it and pointed to it. It was neat to watch her watching it and seeing her squeals of excitement as it ran away after discovering her.

We had a great weekend with her and will miss her this weekend, you know unless we cant handle it and make a drive to her house. I mean look at this kid.Can we make it a weekend without seeing her? Anybody want to open a mortgage company or something like it in the Natchez Vidalia area? I know a good couple with smarts that can work for you. I will be more than glad to give up my wonderful job to become their daycare. Anyone?

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Avery's Mommy said...

Maybe someone will take you up on your offer? I'm really beginning to loathe my job. Really. Like so much that I just texted Charlie I wish we woulda sold the house and moved back to Vidalia. Oh, how I miss Vidalia! We were talking yesterday about how much you can't stand it when you're growing up cause there's not much to do there, and how much you'd give anything to go back once you're grown!

Miss you today, love you!