Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well That Was Different

Years ago on a that special day we would all load up in the vehicle, sometimes with an extra kid or two in tow and drive out to Bobo's way outside of Natchez. The smell of pine trees and the cool air told the tale of why we were there. Video camera in my hand and a bow saw in Todds. The children all snuggled up in hats and scarves, the search would begin. Everyone had an opinion about which tree to pick, and we took it all in. There were kids running here and there. Sometimes dogs were barking and running too. We would laugh and explore. A choice would finally be made by all. Casey would sing Silent Night and we would watch while Daddy sawed the tree down as Mark yelled Timber. The boys loved the "shaking machine" that emptied the tree of loose pine needles. Then finally Todd would tie the tree to the vehicle and off to the house we would go. Crank up the Christmas music or a holiday movie and the decorating began. I love those memories.

I had to add this picture. You do not know how much Casey wanted that outfit! It was a "Must Have"! -From the Beret to the socks! And I have no idea what Josh is doing in the window???Well anyway, this year it went a little differently. For the last several years we have had an artificial tree. I cant remember how many years. I think it began when we got new carpet which is long gone now. But last year Josh put the tree up for me after Christmas and it never got put up the way I would have done it. It wasnt sealed off. I am a little bit of a perfectionist. I think I get that from my daddy. Anyway, the lights hadnt worked perfectly the last two years. Its a pre lit tree. So for those two reasons I decided I probably wouldnt use it this year. When Mark called and said he needed a tree for his house in Ruston, that sealed the deal. So Todd took him the artificial tree. I decided that I didnt want the trees at the Christmas Tree Farm to get all picked through and we would do something we hadnt done before. That was go and tag a tree early, to return and pick it up closer to Christmas.So in the upper 70 degree weather and gorgeous sunshine Todd and I, went out on a mission. Just the two of us. No scarves, no gloves, no children, no saw, and no video camera, but a camera of course. We two searched out the perfect tree for us and tagged it. We will go pick it up sometime Thanksgiving week. Maybe it will be cooler then, I hope. So even though there were none of the things we were used to while choosing a tree, we still enjoyed it. After we pick it up there is certain to still be Christmas Carols or "It's A Wonderful Life" playing in the background while it gets decorated for the most glorious season of the year.

Soon my tree will be up and sparkling with color, telling the tale of Jesus birth to all who see it.


M J said...

We never had real trees when I was a kid, because Mom is allergic, so once I grew up, I had to have one... Until I was still finding pine needles stuck in the carpet months later! Two years ago, I just couldn't stand the thought of pine needles in addition to 3 dogs worth of fur, so we bought a pre-lit. When I'm rich and famous, I'll have a house with all wood floors and buy a real tree again. lol

Mallory said...

daniel and i went looking for a real tree the first christmas we were up here. after finding every tree costing upwards of a $100 we decided to just go ahead and buy a bigger fake one. can't beat the smell of a real one though, makes the whole house smell like Christmas =)

btw, i remember that outfit of casey's! we were in either fourth or fifth grade, and knee-highs and mary jane shoes were the thing then, lol =)

Cristi said...

Yes MJ, the hardwood floors will make it easier. I am going to put down some plastic or some water protector though just in case. And Mal, I am glad we didnt have to pay that much! I would have just gotten a new fake tree in that case! I cant wait for the house to smell of the tree!

Avery's Mommy said...

Lovvvve these post with old pics. I mean that pic w/ the beret is priceless. Thank God I gave up trying to look stylish and now I just buy a shirt I like in 5 dif. colors and keep it simple :)

I loved picking out Christmas trees and decorating it. Can't wait to do that this year w/ Avery Grace!

Penny said...

Is Josh going with you to pick it up? You know, to witness the tree shaking thingy. LOVE the old pictures. It must have been warm in the first picture, too. Todd is shirtless. ha ha
I think we're just putting up the little family tree this year. Just not in the mood to take a week to do the big one. Seriously. It. takes. a. week.

brtty stella said...

Love your story of the Christmas tree search! Know it is a precious memory. I bet your house will smell wonderful real soon!!