Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Exactly As Planned

Some days dont go just like you planned. Ever notice that? Today was one of those days for me. I will tell you about one of the things that made today a little bit atypical. There were many things to do and I was busy getting it all done one thing at a time. Next on my agenda was to take a quick trip to Natchez to pick up a surprise Birthday Cake for the sweetest man in the world who happens to also be my husband. So off I went. I was driving towards Natchez and in the rear view window I noticed a Jaguar (or what I thought was one) coming up on me really fast. I wondered what in the world he was doing. He did not slow at all and I had to gun my engine to keep him from ramming me from behind. He then slowed down for a second but then very quickly sped back up, (like in the movies) and veered around to the left of me. There was traffic in the right lane beside me so I could not get over away from him and he swiped all down the side of my car knocking my mirror and scraping all down my beautiful silver camry. (Which is no longer quite so beautiful). I was shocked. I think I even said out loud, "No he didnt"! But he did indeed. That though is not the end of the story. As he bounced off of my car he traveled into the oncoming lane of traffic and headed THE WRONG WAY onto the BRIDGE heading from Natchez. I was so upset and shocked. I was trying to call 911 to alert someone, but of course by the time I even got my hands on my phone the collisions had already taken place. I pulled off the highway and parked. I called the police in tears explaining the situation. Turns out this mans blood sugar had bottomed out and he was completely out of it. He hit someone head on, on the bridge which I am told subsequently caused 3 crashes behind his. I am not sure but I think he may be the only one who was transported to the hospital from the crashes. Thank God for that.

So no today did not go as planned.

I gave my husband a call to which I was not planning on crying so I didnt freak him out. Well that did not go as planned either. LOL He asked me where I was and through tears (and of course letting him know I was fine) I told him and he said "I am on the way." What a wonderful guy I have. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS feel better when something happens, after talking to him. He just makes things better. I thank God for him.

The surprise of the cake came out since he did ask me where I was going when this happened. So tonight (a day early) {which also was not part of todays plan} we ate some of this delicious birthday cake.

Now this is not your typical birthday post either but you know that's just how today came about. I can tell you though that I can think of no one I would rather say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to right now than this guy.

This guy that I married 26 years 5 months and 3 weeks ago. In this picture he is giving the thumbs up after we were married and walking back down the isle. I am here to tell you that every day since that one he has made me feel like he still feels that way about us. THUMBS UP!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest man I know that is ALL SMILES most ALL the time.

Man do I love him.


Penny said...

Where's the side of the car? Hate that you went through all of that. Glad no one was seriously injured! I hope that cake was REALLY good! lol Tell Todd Happy Birthday for us!
Happy Thanksgiving! Don't overeat tomorrow, or LJ will let you know. ha
Check your Facebook for a new video of my boy. =)

Penny said...

BTW the janitors at my new school only say positive things... like "YOU have grandchildren?! I thought you were about 30!" I LOVE them! lol

NDavis said...

Mrs. Christi, I just love reading your post. The love for your husband and family really gives me hope that I will too find a wonderful man just like your husband. I honestly can see why Casey loves you both so much.