Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Days

I have enjoyed my time off from school. Cant believe its almost time to go back. Man it really flies by. I certainly had a good time while it lasted though and got quite a bit done too. Of course we had our Thanksgiving meal which was wonderful. We missed Mark but were glad he had a nice restful day duck hunting. We played with Avery outside which she thoroughly enjoyed.
With a little help from Avery Grace we got to work.
She took it quite seriously.
She kept picking up ornaments and saying "Ooooh"
And after a bit I got my tree up.
Perfected my tree topper.
Made a wreath, thanks to Maries Trees!
and did a little decorating. I have more of that to do. But this was a good start.
I Almost finished shopping, AND wrapping too.

We played a little with the newest member of the family.
He wasnt quite as thrilled as his mommy was with this little getup.
It made us laugh though.

So once again we had a great time together. I have to admit that I am a little sad that this week is almost over. But before I know it I will be off again. What a wonderful time of year.


Penny said...

The tree looks pretty. The dog is hilarious, but looks miserable. There is NO dignity in a dog's life, is there? lol I can't believe you are almost finished and I just started shopping! Well, yes I can--- because I have twice as many children and sons-in-law, and parents as you, not to mention 6x the grandkids. =)

Penny said...

That probably means I should have started shopping WAY before you, huh? Does NOT help, though, when you have no money and now we're faced with moving expenses too! Oh, well nobody promised me a rose garden, did they? ha