Monday, November 23, 2009

Lots of Not Me's

I could not pass up a Not Me post this week because so many not me's did not happen to me! So here are mine.

While walking down the hall at work to pick up something from a classroom, this conversation absolutely most definitely DID NOT take place with one of our janitors:
So, right, that SO did not happen.

I did not have 3 parents come in my office at once leaving things for their children and call the wrong student for a flower arrangement for Home Ec class. The student I called in for it did not look at me like I was crazy because the flowers did not belong to her nor did she take Home Ec. I did not explain to her that her mom told me about an incident that had taken place that morning at her house. She did not continue to look at me as though I needed major medication since nothing of the sort happened at her house that morning. I am not beginning to wonder about the medication thing. Not Me

I did not attempt to return a call to my daughter this week but as the phone was ringing - All of the sudden my office was overladen with people and tasks to do so when her voice mail answered I did not leave a very hard to understand super fast message not even leaving my name and hang up. Not me. I have plenty of time to do leisurly relaxing tranquil things at any given moment in my office. Yep.

I did not have someone be completely rude to me on the phone during the week because they could not speak to a teacher during class. I did not then call back the number on the caller ID and ask to speak to a supervisor to report the rudeness! (It was a business call). The person who just spoke to me (Or one with exactly the same voice) did not answer the phone. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the SAME person did not say "Hold On" and then come back to the phone herself and act like she was the supervisor. (Or it could have been somebody else with exactly the same voice.) That did not happen and it did not stress me out.

I did not have so many large deposits Friday that were so heavy in the bag that when I picked it up, the plastic piece on the handle of the bag did not slice into my hand leaving it a bloody mess and it's not still sore.

I did not make way too much food for supper tonight because Todd is always telling me I cook too much. I did not way overdo it and I am not still hoping some of Joshuas friends show up to eat it so it isnt wasted!

and Last but not least I did not take some great Christmas Pictures of Avery Grace this weekend!

Proof Positive


Penny said...

The second year I taught 2nd grade, the janitor asked me what I been doing all summer. I said, "Sitting around being lazy and getting fat." As I walked away he said, "Yeah, you have put on some pounds." I whirled around and told him he was looking at the WRONG side of me! lol I started weight watchers that next week or two. You see how well that turned out. ha
Anyway, great pictures of Avery. The last is really creative. =)

Avery's Mommy said...

Shame on LJ! Those were some funny not me's! I think we're getting a puppy today!!!

M J said...

LOVE the pics of Avery! She's such a cutie!!! :)