Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Birthday Bash

Well a lot has gone on since my adapter died. I will just start a little at a time though so as not to overwhelm you with my photographs! So first come first. Averys birthday party. I know lots of you probably saw it on Caseys blog. But now for my own take on it.

Casey decided that Chuck E. Cheeses was the ticket. So off to Baton Rouge we went. 2 hours away for loads of fun and pizza too. We arrived with plenty of time so of course Josh's idea of a nice day was to make a stop at LSU! So we did. We looked for Mike the Tiger who must have been resting again. I havent seen him there yet. Only at a game. We were hoping he would be roaming around but it didnt happen. Avery didnt care though she loved it. So it was a great beginning to her birthday celebration. Josh thought it was pretty cool that we saw this guys vehicle on campus.
After a stroll across campus off we went to see Chuck E.We thought she would like him and boy were we right! This girl LOVED her some Chuck E Cheese. She followed him around hugging and hugging, even when he didnt know he was getting hugged. LOL

She danced and jumped and squealed and played and ate pizza and cake and opened presents until she was totally tuckered out. We had a really great time, even the grown ups. It was so much fun to celebrate her birth and first two years.

OK so get ready there is more to come. I know you all missed me didnt you. Uh Huh - yea you did! Well, I am back!!!!!!

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