Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I just realized that I hadn't posted these pictures yet. What was I thinking?! See-What had happened was... I put them on facebook and I guess that made me forget about doing it here. I dont usually do much of the facebook thing with my pictures but lately I have done some of that.


Superbowl Sunday my boys decided they would dress for the occasion at church that morning. So they shed their usual jeans and polos for BLACK SUITS BABY complete with gold ties. GO SAINTS! I wish they would find more reasons to do that. I thought they looked great. I made them keep their nice clothes on until I got home after church so I could snap a few pictures of them at their best. We waited and waited on Todd but he was busy visiting as he likes to do after church sometimes, and then took some folks home who needed a ride. So yes, the boys got a little impatient. They are not always extremely tolerant. We decided to go on and do the photos without the head of our group. I of course really wanted to wait but the boys won. :) I got some nice family photos without the main man. :( We did have Uncle Mickey with us, who the boys would certainly say is the next best thing to dad.

I love this shot of me with my boys!

So we had a great day in church that day as usual. After church we enjoyed a great meal of Barbequed Ribs! (My daddy's recipe) After our meal we all settled in to watch the show of the decade in our little living room. I did not have my camera out during the game so you cannot see (unless you go to Caseys blog) the celebration and fun we had. The guys were pretty nervous and certainly excited especially towards the end. How much fun was that?! We did have a really nice time together as a family watching the game. Towards the end Josh announced that if the Saints pulled it off, we were all (Pausing the game of course so as not to miss any of the after game commentaries) taking off out the front door and - Get This- run around the block. Mickey said there was no way he would make it all the way around the block. Todd opted out as well. As soon as they WON, Josh and Mark took off and did hoop, and holler all the way around the block. Casey, Avery in her stroller, and I all took off too and ran/jogged all the way down the street but then turned back around and headed back to the house. It was COLD! I am sure even without pictures that night will be remembered for some time. The night the New Orleans Saints won the SUPERBOWL! What fun!

What have I said? 2010 - A Year of Celebrations! :)


Avery's Mommy said...

I'm beginning to believe you about the year 2010!

Such a fun night :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Great post! I love the boys in their suits. I had even asked Mark where he go the gold tie on facebook because I wanted one for Randy. Randy had already purchased himself a fleur dis les tie from he told me NOT to get carried away. Yes, he is much more frugral than me...which is a good thing. I tend to get carried away.

Penny said...

Like I put on Facebook, I love the pictures. The one of you with your guys is so good. Wish I liked having my picture taken, my kids are going to have none of me. Oh well, if I looked as good as you, maybe I wouldn't mind so much.
I'm still trying to picture y'all running down the street pushing a stroller. LOL

Cristi said...

Jami- Josh got his tie at Hometown Sports.

Penny-you almost saw us-We ran to your house and back, but decided not to stop in to see yall. lol
Oh and I dont necessarily LIKE to have my picture taken, but it is nicer when you are the one who controls the delete button! (and can use photoshop!) lol