Tuesday, February 9, 2010

45 Years

Birthday posts have been fun to do. I love putting my thoughts together about my sweet family and writing out some of the wonderful memories I have of them. So I had decided that I was going to do my own birthday post complete with pictures! But thanks to ole Dell and the death of my adapter I was not able to do that. Instead I decided to write down some things I have to be grateful for over the last 45 years.
  • To start off with way back 45 years ago I was myself a miracle baby. ( a few more details on that here)
  • That time I went fishing with my daddy at Sardis Lake and caught the biggest fish!
  • That time we needed to tell daddy something real important (You know there werent always cell phones.) so mama and I sat on the front porch rubbing our temples thinking "Come Home, Come Home, Come Home" and he came home.
  • Playing "Church" when I was a kid. (Alone) I was the Preacher, the song leader, and the congregation... hehehe (Did other kids play church???)
  • Playing like I was a mama while in church. I would leave a space between me and the person seated next to me and pretend my child was sitting next to me. Yes I had a vivid imagination. :)
  • Getting braces (Dont laugh - I had vampire teeth)
  • That huge giraffe daddy made for me in Georgia. Man do I wish I still had that thing.
  • Moving to Louisiana - Now mind you at the time I wasnt quite as grateful, and Louisiana probably wouldnt have been my first choice had I been given one, BUT - GRATEFUL because of this next one...
  • Once we moved here, meeting that sweet guy with the great smile (Todd)
  • My marriage and my wonderful husband
  • 6 lb 5 oz Casey, 6 lb 5 oz Mark, and 7 lb 5 oz Josh
  • Being able to stay home with my kids when they were little
  • That time when Mark hollered down the hall at bedtime when he was 2 "I love you people"
  • Joshuas first trip to the doctor where he asked, while waiting in the waiting room "When Dr. Polk gets through praying for those people, then we get to go in so he can pray for me?" (Love that he thought we were there for prayer since he was sick.)
  • Caseys beautiful storybook wedding
  • That day, that sonogram
  • Avery Grace Reeves
  • God Grace and His Love
  • My guitar, how I learned to play, and how I love to use it to worship my King
  • My life
  • My God
Yes I am grateful for all of this and oh so much more in my 45 years. I know I will have many more things to be grateful for in the years to come. What are you grateful for???

**A special Thank you to my sister for the birthday flowers I am next to in the photo above**


brtty stella said...

Your memories made me smile!! They are so special. God places us where he wants us to be. So now we know why we went to louisiana. Of course it was for you to meet and marry Todd! Sometimes I wonder why I am still here in Munford! Guess I will know someday too. Love you so much. Mama

Penny said...

So, we're not to the age yet where we stop telling? Just checking for future reference (three months). =)
Precious memories.

Cristi said...

Penny- I am still telling. As my sister said - 45 and FABULOUS!

M J said...

Those are great memories! :) Thanks for sharing!

Mallory said...

i love reading your stories about the funny things mark, josh, and casey said as kids =)

"i love you people" =)

The Glenn Gang said...

I love the stories too about your kids when they were little. It motivates me to keep blogging. Hopefully, I will be able to remember them by putting them on the blog.

Penny said...

Just realized that you had imaginary children----and remembered Casey's "daughter that worked at Holsum Bread." Funny how you both had imaginary children and most kids just have make believe friends. LOL

Avery's Mommy said...

Umm HOW did I miss this post? GREAT memories. Some I've never heard before! Love it!