Friday, February 26, 2010

Something Different

My posts are generally about fun things filled with the blessings of my life. ~~~~~

There is little girl.
Her name is little Kate.
She was blonde.
Now she's bald.
She had bright eyes.
Now they're sad.
One day she was playing and laughing
then her arm trembled.
The next day she had a brain tumor
and couldn't use her arm any more.


There is a little boy.
His name is little Jonah.
Something went wrong with his DNA
His skin just blisters every day
over and over at every touch.
Things that are scary for little Jonah--
Blue jeans, crawling, rubbing an itchy eye.
They mean raw skin, open sores, infection.


Life is not only us.
Things are not just about me and mine.
There are so many people in our world;
so many that aren't living my life.
Sometimes it makes me wonder why there is so much pain.
It doesn't seem fair that people
good people
people who love the Lord and trust Him
have things like this happen.
Of course things like this shouldn't happen to anyone
but they do.

Please pray for Kate and Jonah. I am


Penny said...

that's beautiful! and so true. God is really been dealing with me lately about my prayer life, or lack therefore. Things like this happen for God to be glorified--- just like Jesus said. and imagine if it happened to a lost person! If it has to happen, better to those that have hope. just my opinion. love your heart and compassion. I always have admired you for that. Just should have said it before now. =)

Avery's Mommy said...

Wow I've had such a week like this. Why why why?