Thursday, February 11, 2010


One more thing that happened while my adapter had failed me was the Sweetheart Presentation at our school. "Sweetheart" is the equivalent to "Homecoming Queen" only for Basketball. Our Sweetheart this year was Brooke. Isn't she cute? Brooke asked Josh to be one of her escorts for the presentation. Her other escort was her brother Tyler. Last year Brooke was on the Homecoming court and asked Josh to escort her in that, but he declined. He does not like the limelight. He also does not like "wasting" money on things like dress clothes he will likely not wear again. Since he will need the dress slacks for Graduation week three different times, he decided it would be ok to buy them and to escort Brooke. hehehe I was kinda surprised that he would dress up to come to school for this. But he did. He was actually pretty ok with it. He thought he looked pretty good. hehehe Dont tell him I told you that. :) Well I thought he looked pretty good too.

This is the last year I will get to see any of my kids enjoying school events like this. Sniff Sniff
So I asked Tyler if he would mind taking my camera and getting a shot of me and my youngest son, you know the baby, you know with the long blonde straight hair in a bowl cut. Oh wait that was yesterday, the other day, a year or two ago. Tyler did take my camera and get a shot for me. He did a pretty good job too. Thanks Tyler. -And Thanks Josh for allowing me to pose with you.
So anyway, I guess as much as Josh LOVES basketball it was fitting that he escort the Basketball Sweetheart. Now if we can just keep this winning streak up, we will be off the the State Championship Game! (That will be another whole post) GO VIKINGS!!!


Penny said...

Your "little" boy looked so good, too. He is a handsome guy, especially when he smiles. =)
Too funny that he is "frugal" and was that with your money or his?? lol

Cristi said...

Mine, are you kidding, he would not have done it if he had to pay for the pants. But he doesnt want me to waste my money either. You know unless its for something important like another t shirt to add to his "collection". LOL

brtty stella said...

My goodness! Josh looks soooo handsome and with his very pretty mother too.