Saturday, December 27, 2008

Inside the Packages

Well we certainly had a busy, loud, fun, packed in, blessed, wonderful time together this Christmas. Seeing Avery was such a blessing, knowing how different things could have been, would have been... She wasn't at all interested in opening gifts. As a matter of fact she was rather disgusted with us that we kept handing her things. LOL Once her mommy opened something for her she was pretty happy with playing with it, but really didn't want us to keep handing her things. She would just throw them out of the way. {Ooooh, mini sermon coming up!}- We can do God that way sometimes I guess. He may give us a package of something all tied up, wrapped up, and taped up. We dont know whats inside, so we chunk it out of the way. Maybe we will return to it later, maybe not. When really if we would explore and see what God is giving us, and go on and open it up, (even if we dont care for the color of the paper, or the bow on top, or the feel of the box), we can find great things inside his packages. Just a thought. One thing I found in a box - one I was VERY surprised about, was a NIKON D60!!!!!!! Honestly I couldnt believe it. We got a CAR if you remember! I was so hoping to win McMamas camera but I didnt, congratulations #68! Anyway when I didnt win it I figured all hope for that was gone, for a long while. But Lo and Behold! How exciting! I was floored! And now I will begin to drive my family CRAZY taking pictures! Thankfully Avery doesnt mind being the model yet! So here are some photos - well you didnt think I would let this post get by without them did you?
This is Avery discussing our Christmas festivities with her Poppa
Playing with my camera HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT?

What beautiful Blue Eyes - No they are not photo shopped, they really are Avery's!
Sitting in the middle of ALL her Christmas gifts
Tuckered out after all the hustle and bustle - An angelic Nap on Poppa


Avery's Mommy said...

omg who's baby is that? She is honest to God the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen! And those blue eyes...AMAZING. Of course I'm just an anonymous blogger....definitely not biased!

Penny said...

The pictures are beautiful!! Glad the mac and cheese turned out well. You need to give my Mimi credit for that recipe, not me. Even though, Margie says I make it better than Mimi did. lol Hey, if you can brag on your cooking.... So few of my recipes are actually brag worthy, because so few are from scratch. And all came from family members, or your mom (through you). Glad I could return the favor. Want me to get Nannie's Chopped Apple Cake recipe for Todd?
Love ya
PS Rebecca is here and earlier today announced that she is hungry. A minute later she says, "You're my favorite Mimi." I told her, "I'm your ONLY Mimi, or are you just saying that because you're hungry?" To which she replied, "That's not why. You NEVER fix me any food while I'm here, so what difference would that make?" You gotta love the wit of a 7 year old! In my defense, Larry makes chili for everybody when they're all here. That's why she said I NEVER fix her food. lol

Tinika said...

Loved the mini sermom. It's so true. I also loved the pictures you took. She is too precious.

Calley said...

Man- that camera takes some awesome pics!! I know you are so thankful for it!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Congratulations on the new camera!