Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend

This mornings sermon really hit the spot. Wow it was great. There is something that I have really been praying a lot about lately. I wont say what it is because it is about someone else. It is really hard to share about it since I cant say much but honestly the things that were said this morning just spoke right to me. He talked about how God created all of the stars and named each one. Remember when I blogged about that not too terribly long ago? Interesting. Anyway he said how GREAT - BIG - AWESOME GOD IS. It is that GOD that we pray to. The God that parted the seas, that created this world from nothing, that brought Jesus into this world through a virgin. It is GOD HIMSELF that we are asking these things. God can do it. It is not a problem to him to answer this prayer. I know that all sounds so elementary and DUH! But boy did I need to hear it. It just brought me to tears and I just really felt encouraged that yes, GOD CAN DO THIS. No matter what - end of story - it will be done. Maybe next week, maybe next year, maybe in 10 years. That part doesn't matter much, what matters is that God CAN AND WILL take care of it.
I hope you were encouraged by a sermon at your church this morning too.

Whats that you say? What else did I do this weekend? Thanks for asking. I went to see Avery Grace CRAWL! WOO HOO! And it was worth the trip. She is soooooo precious. I loved watching her get to what she wanted. God is so good. I just couldn't hug her enough. I enjoyed getting to watch her a little while so her mommy and daddy could get out of the house together for a little bit. Here are a few photos and a video from the visit.
"You mean to tell me that one of these presents is for me?"

Look closely and you will see the TOOTH!


And here is Avery crawling!

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The pic with the lights is so cute!