Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

Okay it is again Monday! What a great Monday too. I am off! Woo Hoo
On with the "Not Me's"

I did not order peppered bacon from the schools Fruit and Meat Fundraiser only to discover that one pack of the bacon was not properly vacuum sealed.

I did not cook it anyway because it smelled fine.

I did not throw it out after eating some of it before discovering it was NO GOOD after all.

I am not at all concerned about cooking the other pack for our Christmas Breakfast even though it is completely vacuum sealed.

I did not miss the last step last night after leaving a Christmas Party and totally twist my ankle. No I didn't because no one saw it, so it didn't happen!

I definitely did not purchase another gift for one of my children {who will remain nameless} because I thought it was the last thing I needed, only to remember when getting ready to wrap it that I had already purchased it. No my memory is NOT going along with my sight! No it isn't!

I did not tell one of my dear friends that I would go somewhere with her to help her with her children, then find out Avery was coming to visit and cancel on her. No I did not do that because a GOOD FRIEND would never do that. Not me.

So on with your own "Not me's"


Calley said...

Oh! You are still a good friend silly goose! I forget stuff ALOT! If I ever forget something and have to cancel on you- please don't think I am a bad friend! hehe I sure hope your ankle get's better quick!

Avery's Mommy said...

That stinks about your much fun will a hayride be in a few years with Avery!?! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.