Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me

Well it is once again "Not Me Monday!" So here goes:

I DID NOT GET A NEW SILVER 2009 TOYOTA CAMRY THIS WEEK, or make a new car note because how in the world would I pay for it if I did!

I did not sit and tie ribbon around every single gift I have purchased which took probably 2 hours or more because I don't like bows and much prefer ribbon.

I did not put up my Christmas Tree and almost cry looking at all the ornaments from years gone by.

I certainly did not purchase yet another item that says "MERRY CHRISTMAS" because I HATE the way some people think we shouldn't say Merry Christmas at Christmas time. Remember the term "STOP THE INSANITY!"

I did not get completely frustrated with the roofers that HAVE YET TO REPLACE MY ROOF SINCE GUSTAV!!

I did not just yell that last comment.


Liz said... car smell...yummy!!

LenaLoo said...

Have fun with your new car!