Monday, December 15, 2008

Pray for Kayleigh

Please Pray for this little girl. You can click on her button on my sidebar. She really needs a miracle. We do serve a God of miracles. I have such a heart for these tiny babies since our experience with Averys birth. I know what God can do. I also know so much more now than I ever knew before about premature births and all the problems that go along with that. This sweet tiny baby girl needs your prayers, so take a minute and stop and lift her up to our Heavenly Father. Thanks

This is a picture of Avery and me. We are wearing our pink bracelets that we got from Kayleigh's parents blog. Well I am wearing mine and Avery is teething on hers. Hey it worked- today she has tooth number 2! Avery and I discussed that Kayleigh weighed exactly half of what Avery weighed when she was born. Avery thinks you should pray for Kayleigh too. So thanks again.

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