Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Break

Josh is on break from school and home for a bit during Christmas. When the kids are all here the boys like to throw the football in the front yard. It's fun when we all get out there and the girls watch the guys. They have a good time throwing, catching, and making plays. We have a good time watching them enjoy it. This week has been no different. Mark isnt home yet, he is working. But Josh and Charlie got out there. And Jake was here. They had a good time.

Josh gave Avery a few lessons and before long she was into the action too.

Now we just cant decide if she should be the kicker Or the quarterback. Who says girls cant play football!

I am thinking quarterback, thats a pretty good throw. She needs to eat and get a little weight on her but then--Look out Peyton Manning!


Penny said...

One of Dr. Timm's daughters played football for Trinity High. It could happen, but Catherine Timm is a LOT bigger than I think Avery's gonna be. :)

Avery's Mommy said...

That is not included in my dreams for her future! But she is the cutest lil quarterback i've ever seen! Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow.