Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Thanksgiving day this year I did a ton of cooking. Well most of the cooking was the day before but the eating, that happened on Thanksgiving Day. Well the eating was going on every day. Man we eat a lot in this family! :)

Anyway we had a great Thanksgiving Day.

It was nice to have all the kids here.

We had a very nice time together.

The food was GREAT!

It was so cool that we had family all together. We had all our kids, (Charlie counts) and Avery, and Mickey (Todds brother), and his parents, and even Todds other brother Richard came with his wife Coree, and their precious little boy Sebastian.

We had a good time outside with them watching the kids play and visiting with each other.Sebastian, like every other 4 year old LOVES to wrestle with his daddy. This is when he was making fists ready to go in and sock it to him.
His favorite thing to do Thanksgiving day though was to jump real high on the trampoline,
And then LAND on his daddy!

We dont get to see them real often so it was good to visit with them.

This is about when Sebastians mom and dad were saying it was time to go. I think he was devising a plan to stay here. {It worked.}

Mark hung around a while out there with us too.

I love this picture of Mark and his cousin.

I know Bill and Linda enjoyed being able to spend Thanksgiving with three of their children, 4 of their grandchildren, and a great grandchild too. I love this picture of them with their grandson Sebastian.
So our Thanksgiving day was great. We were and ARE all very THANKFUL.



Anonymous said...

love being able to see all the pics on your blog! Sebastion and Avery look so cute together! You can tell they are related!

Casey said...

Cute cute cute! Hope you sent these to Corre :)