Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank God for Christmas

I always like to get a before picture. Here is this years.
We got up bright and early, which is always in Joshuas plan. If we hadnt gotten up he was going to (and may have actually) set his alarm. :) But Avery was up early. Todd and I were up first as usual though. We got up and got the coffee going and sat down in the peace for a few minutes before the fun began. That is always how our Christmas morning starts.

The first thing Avery saw was her Princess Cycle from her Uncles.

Thank You Uncle Mark!

She enjoyed this year much more than last year. She got tired of it all last year but this year she kept coming back for more. In this picture she is wearing her new robe from mommy and daddy already and the Monkey was from her beloved "Mic Mic".

And she enjoyed helping us with our packages too.

I think she liked her "baby boy" doll.

Here Todd is showing off his skill with his new Juggling Balls. A few others tried it as well. Josh was pretty dad gum good himself but Todd is the pro though.
Mark is trying out his new Duck Call Uncle Johnny sent him.We enjoyed our day very much spending time with each other, eating delicious food together, playing games, talking, and watching Avery enjoy Christmas. She played and played and then settled here by Mark until she fell fast asleep in his arms.

I thank God for giving us Christmas. I thank God for our Christmas.

So for the last time this season, I hope you too had a



Anonymous said...

Loved your Christmas pitures and comments. Wish I could have been there for the "chaos" of the morning! LOl. So hard to believe your boys are now young men too!
Love all of you. mama

Penny said...

Josh setting the alarm~ lol. Reminds me of him being little and deciding he believed in Santa even though y'all don't "do" Santa. ;)
Avery looks like she had a great time. Leon did, too. When he was through opening his on Christmas morn, he proceeded to open one of Debbie's. lol Thankfully, I stopped him before he got further than ripping off the bow. :)