Thursday, December 30, 2010


What did I get for Christmas you say?

Well everything I wanted of course.

Top of the list-- really wasnt on my list at all, if I had a list- which I didnt, but if I had one this wouldnt have been on it. Not because I wouldnt like it, but mainly because I didnt think of it.

But someone thought of it. Todd did.

Well, what was it you ask?

A trip of course.

We like to go on trips together, Todd and I. Todd NEEDED to get away pretty bad himself, so he booked a room for a couple of nights in NEW ORLEANS! We stayed right in the heart of things. The hotel was very nice and all the employees were super helpful and friendly.

We had a great time together as we usually do. The first item on the agenda was GO BUY SOMETHING WARM! It was FREEZING!!!! Who knew Louisiana got that cold. We didnt let it slow us down though. I'd say 3 minutes into our walk the evening we got there, we went into a store and bought him this warm hat - GO SAINTS! And me these ear muffs. Sooooo much better. Made the walk much more pleasant.

That first night we had a DELICIOUS dinner at Palace Cafe. Todd had a salad (he wasnt hungry) and I had Shrimp Remoulade. (Cause I can eat even when I am not hungry!) And for dessert----CREME BRULEE! It was sooooooooooooo good. We shared it but I could have eaten a whole one by myself!

We sat there and talked forever before leaving.

Day 2 - We did some shopping, well not much buying but shopping none the less. I did find this cute ear warmer and scarf and decided to get it since it matched the jacket Mark and Josh got me for Christmas. I definitely wore it EVERY time we went outside for the rest of the trip. It was so nice.

We did tons of walking. Our hotel was right there near everything so we didnt get in the car the entire time. We just walked and walked. It was very nice. We saw all the things you see when you are in New Orleans. This is a popular spot to make a picture. St Louis Cathedral.It is very pretty. We walked over to the church and went inside. Equally beautiful.
I happen to think it is SO COOL to see and hear the people who just get out there and play music right out on the streets. These guys were doing some gospel and we stopped to listen to them for a bit. They were very good. Enjoyable. Isnt that neat? I mean, do people do that in other parts of the country? I love it.

Went into the little mall there on the river. Didnt purchase anything there either. Well except for this. OF COURSE!
We saw this line and wondered what in the world folks were so intent on getting into?

Well that explains it. However, we opted not to wait in line for Beignet.

We had lunch in the French Quarter at some cute little place. I had a craving for some authentic New Orleans Jambalaya! I was a little concerned that it wouldnt be as good as mine. Ba ha ha ha! I was not disappointed. It was sooooo good. Have I ever mentioned that we like food in this family? Just checkin. Todd by the way, had a burger. Go figure.

I love the architecture there. The buildings were just gorgeous. So much detail and beauty. I could have taken a hundred pictures of the buildings. I refrained. But here is one. I am pretty sure it is no longer a fruit company.

We had a nice long day 2 and enjoyed every minute. That night we were once again walking to see what we could find. Todd was hungry for real food by now, which translates STEAK. But much to our dismay, most of the places (within walking distance) it was necessary to spend $30 for a steak. We did not give up however and continued to walk and walk in the cold and check menus on doors. Did I mention it was COLD!
Finally, we found this place that sounded wonderful and a steak was much better priced. It was called Olivers Creole Restaurant. So we went in with our freezing selves and sat down to a nice warm comfortable pleasant dinner. He got his steak and I ordered Shrimp Scampi which was AWESOME! Man that New Orleans sea food IS all it claims to be.

Day 3 - We decided to get up bright and early so we could get some of that Beignet and hopefully not have to wait in that line.

Worked out well. We did have to wait a bit to be waited on by a waitress that looked like this. (Notice her Jesus pin) Because all of them do (look like that) :) But we werent bothered by the wait. (At least it wasnt in a line outside) We were in no hurry. We visited and waited and finally got to enjoy that delicious sugary delight. The Cafe Au Lait was GREAT too.

Look at this painting that was on the wall! And so did I!



Anonymous said...

Great pictures of your Christmas trip! Sounds like you all had a really good time in spite of the freezing unusual weather for new orleans! Wishing you both a wonderful Happy new Year!! Love, mama

Vershal and Susannah Hogan said...

I think we had that same waitress one time! She accused Vershal of stealing a tip from her!

Theresa Lamb said...

Sounds like a nice trip! What an interesting Christmas gift. Way to go Todd.

Avery's Mommy said...

YUM! I'm so jealous! YUM YUM YUM!

Penny said...

Good job, Todd! Looks like fun~ I haven't been to the French Quarter since May 05. Maybe soon. :)

Beth said...

I have only one picture from NY without a hat on and I don't think I even posted it anywhere. I pretty much only took my hat and scarf off to sleep, lol. And I was totally thinking about you lots of times in NY about how you would be in photography heaven with all the gorgeous architecture. Glad y'all had fun!

Mallory said...

What an awesome non-conventional Christmas gift, I would love a gift like that :)

Our last trip to NOLA was in August for my birthday this past year. It was 3-digit weather and sooooooo miserably humid. I would have given anything for the cold instead :)

Glad ya'll had fun, and love the pics. And especially love the new white hat and jacket :)