Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party

We had tons of fun at our Christmas Party at Beth and Beaux's house. We always do, but this year they added a bit of extra fun. We were all to dress in our old tacky Christmas Sweaters/or other tacky Christmas attire. Here we are all ready to go. I thought for sure this girl would take the top prize. I did consider myself pretty tacky too though, the eye shadow, the earrings, the slippers. Sad to say I did not win. However if there had been a contest for the thinnest lips, that I would have won hands down! Where in the world was I when God was handing out big beautiful lips?

Anyway on with the party.

Here, Avery is helping Brother Paul with his tie. Apparantly she wasnt aware that it was ok for his tie to be crooked since the party was suppose to show off "tacky". Such a little helper!

We played games which Avery thoroughly enjoyed as well as the rest of us.
The fun did have to cease for a few moments to find Bryans very expensive contact lens. (Which is what everyone is looking for here) But once it was found - ON WITH THE FUN!

There was a little song and dance. "We wish you a Merry Christmaaaaasss and a Happy New Year!"

The food was great, (when Beth is doing a party you KNOW that will be the case.) That's her on the right with CJ.
The fellowship was great.
and the costumes were great.
This guy took the prize and I do mean PRIZE for the guys. Yay Warren!
and Linda won for the girls! Woo Hoo - The sequins did the trick.
And then there was Rob who won a prize as well, yes those were really lit up! He plugged himself in!
The neatest thing was that we were all gathered together to have fun with each other and to CELEBRATE the birth of Jesus. Avery had wondered earlier in the day if Baby Jesus was going to be at his party. hehehe She was pleased to see Beth's large Nativity with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.
We had a great time. Thanks Beth and Beaux for hosting.



Laura said...

Ha! Next year I'll just use your pictures for my "Tacky Christmas Sweater" post! Merry Christmas!!

Cristi said...

Laura: You posted something about a tacky Christmas sweater and that was when I made my mind up I was getting rid of my sweaters. A few days later our party was announced. So I saved them! lol

Anonymous said...

Now that's a real Christmas party! Looks like fun for all.

Beth said...

Thanks Cristi! We had a GREAT time too! And if it makes you feel any better, you had mine and Beaux's vote. Guess we should have vetoed our judges, haha!