Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Few Days

I had a really GREAT last few days.

The weekend was soooo nice. Sundays Church service was wonderful. I was blessed to be able to teach the adult class some things I learned about how a tree works and how we are like that tree thats planted by the water from Jeremiah 17: 7 & 8 when we put our confidence in HIM. (Also in Psalms). Enjoyed learning that myself. Then Calley informed me that her little one was sick and she wouldnt be able to lead the music but PRAISE THE LORD. It wasnt just me and my guitar this time. I was so blessed to have Rob to help me out with the keyboard, and Lance on his NEW bass guitar, and JT who is doing awesome learning the drums. So that was a blessing too.
Then we got to go see our boys, one of whom will be turning 23 in a couple of days. So we treated them to dinner and got his birthday gift. (A grill).
Then we got to go get Avery and take her shopping all day with us. I must admit I was a little concerned that this would not end up as well as it did. But Todd insisted and agreed to totally watch her while I shopped, which he did, and she was AWESOME! We had a great time together except for the one small, well ok not so small incident where I allowed her to fall through the chair at lunch landing on the floor beneath. OUCH! Poor sweetie. I quickly prayed for her and she was fine. THANK GOD FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS.

Great last few days!

To back up a bit though, on SATURDAY, I did some photography. A friend from high school is the sister to Trey who I had done some Family Photos for recently. You can see those here. Anyway, she saw those pictures and asked me if I would mind doing some of her and her sons. I LOVE to take pictures so I took it as an opportunity to learn more and try to improve. She said I could share some of them with you so here I go. These are my favorites from the day. I hope she likes them. I was pleased. :)


Penny said...

You did a great job on Stacy's pictures. :)
Glad you enjoyed your day off shopping and seeing Avery.
Can't believe our middle kids are turning 23! Ouch! lol

Anonymous said...

the family photos are really good. I know they are pleased. You do a fantastic job as photographer! Glad you enjoyed time with the boys and family this week-end.

Mallory said...

You did a great job on the pics, what a cute family :)