Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Packages & the new BED

Have you guys ever gotten one of these packages at Christmas?

If you have, then you know of the deliciousness inside.

Such pretty packaging. Way to go Harry and David!But seriously Way To Go, Theresa! It has cookies, Moose Munch, Bing Cherries, Apples, Pears, Cheese spread, Crackers, Summer Sausage, Salsa, & Nuts. Mmmmmmmm

Thanks to my sweet sister for this Christmas gift. We are so excited about opening every little package inside. I already had one of the Raspberry cookies. Can I just say YUM! And I will probably have a BING CHERRY today! "Smile"

Thanks so much.

Now just to tag on here I am finally posting pictures of my new bed! I couldnt really get a good picture of it for some reason. Well the reason is that the pictures just DONT DO IT JUSTICE. I didnt really want to post a picture of it, that EVERYONE may not realize the total beauty of it. LOL But anyway these are the best pictures I can get so here it is. I must say I LOVE IT! And by the way this is the first day I havent had it totally made up by 9 am, so now I am off to go do that!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas as I know we will.



Penny said...

The room (and bed, of course) looks amazing. Love the colors. :)

Anonymous said...

The bed is beautiful! The pictures on the wall above are perfect too. It all looks so good! I am happy for you. Love the colors you chose too. Mama