Friday, December 3, 2010

On That Christmas Eve

This may be kinda mushy, kinda sappy, but so what.

I just realized this. So I had to say it.

As you may know our little miracle Avery Grace was born on January 21st. Her 3rd birthday is fast approaching. Hard to believe, but back to the story at hand.

When Avery was born we learned that her tiny two pound self had stopped growing 4 weeks before. Little did we know there was a problem with Casey's placenta. When we went in that day for that "fun" sonogram there was backward bloodflow from the placenta.

4 weeks

This had been going on for 4 weeks.

I just realized today that 4 weeks before Averys birth date was Christmas Eve.

So what really happened was:

On that Christmas Eve, Caseys placenta gave out in a sense. No more nourishment for baby Avery.

On that Christmas Eve there was backward flow from the placenta. That could have been it.

But on that Christmas Eve God decided to give us a most precious Christmas gift.

On that Christmas Eve God chose to allow just enough nourishment to get through to baby Avery to keep her alive. Every day for the next 4 weeks there was backward bloodflow from the placenta, and on no day was there enough nourishment going to Avery to allow her to grow. But every day God allowed enough nourishment to get through to her, to keep her alive until the doctors found out the problem.

What a wonderful amazing Christmas gift we were given on that Christmas Eve from our Lord. A gift no words can express our thanks for.

But, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words right?


Penny said...

Love the pictures~ and the "sappy" post. God is good!
Enjoyed your Thanksgiving post too. Funny that Richard (finally) became a dad just a year before Todd became a grandpa. :)

Anonymous said...

you are blessed with the gift of Avery, and she is blessed with you all for a family! I thank God for all these blessings!!

Beth said...

What a wonderful gift! And a Christmas miracle.