Friday, July 18, 2014

A Special Needs School

At the end of that night we stayed up LATE talking of the many things that we knew God was showing us through our experiences there.

In my journal I wrote:
          Lord change our hearts,
            Fill us
              Use us God.

The next morning, Day 6, we had Scrambled Eggs, Toast, and Oranges for breakfast.

That morning we went to a Special Needs school.  Once we got there God had a little surprise for one of our team members.  Not one I can talk about though.  I KNOW!  SORRY!  This trip seemed full of those little surprises all along the way.  God is so good.  All the time!

The kids were very receptive to us.  There were lots of smiles, & hugs!

We sang with them.
Some of them sang to us.

We danced,
played games,

and had races.

Denae and Lance did their thing again.

We just basically loved on them.  It was great.

At the end of our time there Todd and I both decided to stand in the doorway to make sure we spoke to each child as they were leaving.


As we were doing this I noticed these three little blind children.  Their caretaker had brought them over to a corner while she was finishing up and they were waiting on her quietly there by themselves.  I went over to them and "talked" with them until she came back over to get them.  They told me their names, I told them mine.  I told them they were beautiful and a few other things that I could say in Spanish.  They seemed very pleased that I was there speaking to them.

They were given the toys we brought for them.  They turned them over and over in their hands smiling.    It was a sweet time there in that corner with them.  I  hope they remember it and I pray they got to go home to loving parents and tell them about their day.

Then we headed back to the mission for lunch of Garbanzo Beans and Rice, with that Tomato and Cucumber Salad.

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Anonymous said...

your trip was certainly packed with lots of love!