Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who Will Tell Them

At supper we had some kind of potato salad with beets in it and that cucumber tomato salad that was so good.  I was surprised I liked the beets in the salad.  I havent had beets in many many years.  As a matter of fact I think the last time I had them was in an elementary school lunch!  So you know they were not so great then.  However I gave it a try  :)  They were not bad at all.

After supper Denae and Lance geared up!  or MADE up!  They did this for the kids we were about to go visit!

Seriously I could not stop studying Denaes face.  And then there was that time when Lance snuck up behind me and popped out in front of me making me scream.  I know some people who may not have survived that.  :)  But I wasnt scared!  :) Well, just a little.

As soon as we got to the orphanage the kids ran up to us and were giving out hugs.  This orphanage is the one where the sweetie we know well,  Camila lived until her family came to get her.  I dont think they would mind if I shared this part with you since Calley shared it on her own blog.  Almost as soon as we got there the caregivers told Danny and Calley that Camilas sister and brother were now there.  Right there in that orphanage, right there where we were.  They were floored by this news as they did not know of her siblings.  We were all pretty shaken by that news.  I dont know how Danny and Calley held it together.

This is Danny hugging Kiara just after they learned the news of who she was.

 She was so much like Camila, running from one thing to another, and loving to JUMP and JUMP!  She sounded so much like her too.

This guy loved to cut up and play.

All the children LOVED the clowns!
 We played games with them.

Many of them were very interested in Lances' tattoos.

Todd was blessed to be able to speak to the children with Rodolpho interpreting for him.  He did great. They listened very well.

 After that we got to pray for the children.  That was very moving to me.  I am sure it was to all of our team but I can only speak for myself.  The kids stayed seated as we went around and each one did whatever God showed them to do as far as praying for the kids went.  For Todd, I believe he said he put his hands on every child there.  For me I started in one spot and took time with each child that was in front of me.  Therefore I moved kinda slow and probably prayed with 6 -10 children, maybe.  This experience was once again not really what I thought it would be.  I dont really know what I expected.  What happened though, was that each child waited so excitedly.  They were eagerly waiting their turn for prayer with smiles.
 And with giggles in anticipation.  When I turned to them their eyes showed me they were ready and excited at the thought that I was about to touch them and pray just for them.  And I did.  Sometimes with tears, sometimes with smiles.  This was not something that was interpreted so they did not know how I prayed except for when I could use the teenie bit of Spanish I could during the prayer.  (Gracias Dios)  (La nina es muy bonita)  However wrong it may have been.  :)  I prayed and they bowed their heads and closed their eyes and let me pray.  I was moved by their anticipation and eagerness.

After our prayers we passed out toys to all of them.  They loved them.  So excited over puzzles, and tiny stuffed animals and small dolls. & bubbles.  Then we had to leave them.  There were tears on the way back to the mission.  And not just mine...

In my journal that night I wrote,
          "God hear our prayers.  God protect them."

We really enjoyed our time there with them.

Oh my, how sweet they were.  How special they are.  Do they know?  Who will tell them today?  I pray someone will.


Anonymous said...

love this blog post too. always brings tears to my eyes.hugs and prayers are so needed for these little children. glad you were able to give them on your visit.

Cristi said...

Me too Mom. Thanks for helping us go.

Penny said...

Cristi, these pictures are amazing and the post is awesome! I hope to go next year. I'm so moved just by your posts, that I can't imagine being there in person. You have the sweetest heart. <3

Cristi said...

Thanks Penny. I pray you get to go! That will be so great.