Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Love Looks Like Something

Once we finally made it to the mission we got a bite to eat that the resident chefs prepared for us.   They are former addicts who are now saved by Gods grace and work at this mission serving others and ministering Gods love to the people of Iquitos.  This meal was Chicken, rice, and a potato/beet salad.  Yes Todd ate it.  Actually the beets weren't bad.

After we ate we got a tour of the mission and the local area.

 Walking through the streets was somewhat overwhelming.  Like nothing we had ever seen.  As we walked through I thought about some of the ways that Trent and his ministry were meeting the needs of the community.  I remembered when he was at Cornerstone he preached a sermon titled "Love Looks Like Something"  I have always remembered that sermon.  I think about it from time to time.  That day I got a glimpse of the love this ministry was showing to the people there and what it looked like.

There were kids playing everywhere.  We tried to talk to them.  We said "Hola" a lot.  :)

It's unbelievable how different we live.  I was holding back tears.

It was good to see some of what the ministry does there in Iquitos.  They showed us the beginnings of Jessica House.  The ministry has a house for men called the Safe House.  It is where men who have been rescued from the streets and drug addiction can come to live for a time learning life skills.   There is a great need for a place for women and children and they have begun the building project.  It was cool to see it at the beginning and I pray that the funds will come in and we will be able to see the finished project where many women and children will be ministered to.  You can read about Jessica House here

Later that night after supper (Egg Noodle Soup with bread and butter) some of our team did some night ministry that they were greatly blessed by.

The prayer I wrote before sleep overtook me:
          Lord, please break our hearts...
               our ways...
               our thoughts...
               our plans...
          for Yours.

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Anonymous said...

You would most certainly have to be greatly affected seeing the poverty these people live in; especially the little children!