Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 4

Breakfast was Scrambled eggs, Papaya, and Bread.
Then we went to church. In a Peruvian JAIL!  There were a few rules to follow.  First of all I did not have a skirt/dress long enough.  They had to be past your knee.  Both the dresses I brought were knee length.  So If I was going to go on this ministry outing I had to borrow a skirt.  Which I did.  Then I went down, dressed with my long skirt and a black t shirt.  Whoopsie, they forgot to mention that we could not wear BLACK.  (Something about the guards being dressed in black...)  So I ALSO had to borrow a shirt!  Goodness.  Finally I got dressed appropriately and we headed out to the Prison.  I was a little nervous but had decided that since I was this far out of my comfort zone, I was NOT going to let little things (like being nervous about going into a Peruvian prison) stop me from anything God might want me to do.  Turns out the scariest part of the whole thing was having to be "searched/patted down" by a Peruvian guard.  Thank God it was a woman.  But seriously going into that small nasty dirty dark closet looking room with just she and I.  I am not gonna lie.  I was shaking in my boots, as they say.  Thankfully though there wasnt much to it.  The guard just barely patted my sides and motioned me on through.  'THANK YOU JESUS!"  The next scariest thing there was the fact that they kept our passports while we were in the prison.  I wasnt too keen on that.  There was no way I was comfortable with not being able to get out of the country and back to the good ole USA when the time came.  But at the finish and on our way out we were all given back our passports.  "THANK YOU JESUS!"  :)

As we turned in our passports and we were entering the prison they stamped our arms with these pigs.  Whaaaa????  The missionaries go each week to this service and said that they sometimes get Santa Clause Stamps, or ones that say "GREAT JOB!" like 2nd graders get on their papers at school here.  Strange!

We worshipped God with these prisoners clapping and singing in Spanish, and praising.  It was true worship.  At the end of the service 4 of them invited Jesus into their hearts and were saved by His grace.
The whole thing was really amazing and I am so glad I went.  Thanks Calley for sharing your clothes.  (She couldn't attend because she had Salem, who was not allowed to go.) Oh and sorry about the sweaty clothes that were returned to you.  :)

We came back to Chicken, RICE, and potatoes.  It was yummy.  Then after a little Siesta we went down to the Safehouse.  It is a home for men who have been rescued from the street life.  It was visiting day at the Safehouse.  Thats why we (women) were allowed to go.  Normally it is only men.  But on this day, Mothers, sisters, and daughters were visiting.  I didnt really expect it to be "fun".  I guess I expected it to be a little awkward maybe.  However it was SO GREAT!  I really enjoyed talking to the men there and their families.  There were several children visiting and we got to play with them and talk to their parents and just generally show Jesus love.  Todd of course was once again the "baby whisperer" to a little girl who would hardly go to anyone else.  (Especially me.)

It was amazing.  Sharing Gods love, always is.

That night we had a church service.  Our own Pastor Danny preached that night.  With an interpretor of course.  He did great.  We did a skit we had practiced during the service.  It was pretty great too.

After an AWESOME service with FANTASTIC worship, we went OUT TO DINNER!!!!
Who knew?!!!
Roasted Chicken, Rice, French Fries, Cole Slaw, and dipping sauces!  It was so so so good.  I may or may not have gotten way too full that night...

On the way back in our Moto Taxi, in the pouring down rain, my new glasses fell onto the street and were run over by another Moto Taxi destroying them.  No big deal though, even though I couldnt see for the rest of the trip very well at all, God assured me that he would allow me to see what was important!  And He did!

This was a day full once again with not many pictures taken.  They are however in my minds eye.

  • Todd with Shalom
  • The coconut tree
  • The open firepit to cook in
  • The door where I was searched
  • Prison cells
  • Prisoners playing soccer
  • The guards with AK 47's
  • The restaurant
  • Moto Taxis in pouring rain
  • My glasses on the street
Pictures forever in my mind.

Part of my prayer written before bed:
          Help these people see your love abundantly through us.  In His Name.

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Anonymous said...

another interesting experience for sure! sorry about your glasses!