Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Beach

 Now it was time to head back.  So we got back in the boat once again.

This is Tedy demonstrating how to blow bubbles!  Oh my goodness.  What a sweetie.  Thats Esperanza and Salem both sporting the pony tails!  :)

The river was so beautiful.  It didnt hurt that it was such a beautiful day.

 On the way back there was to be a little beach time.  So our guide chose one spot but as we got close we were bogged down by a sandbar.  The safehouse guys jumped off the boat to give us a shove away.  This guy though, thought the water would be shallow and when he got in, it was deep.  Apparently he couldnt swim!  Whoopsie.  He started hollering "No Bueno! No Bueno!"  Todd and some other guys got him back into the boat.  He wasnt thrilled that I took pictures either.  :)  But he was a good sport about it.  hehehe

As they pulled him up into the boat, this HUGE AMAZON SPIDER was on his shoulder and it JUMPED into the boat with us!  I screamed and ran to the back.  Todd scooped it up and threw it into the water!  I think this guy was much more scared of that spider than being in the water over his head.  
I dont blame him!
I hope I got the facts of that story right.   If they are not exact, I apologize, but I know it went something like that.  :)

We moved on from that spot and went to another one where we stopped to enjoy the beach for a little while.  So pretty!

The sand was kinda dark.  Not white like Florida beaches.  It looked to me kinda like it would be a sticky mud.  I was ready for it to squish between my toes!  However it did not squish.  It was sand which felt like sand of course.  I walked around on the beach for a bit finding a small piece of driftwood to bring home.  I waded around in the Amazon.  Yes I know!  How cool!  Who woulda thought?  Others swam.  Some played soccer.  Yea, they LOVE soccer.  :)  Some rested a bit.  I even got to see dolphins again here!  :)

Look at that rainbow!  What a gorgeous reminder of Gods promises.  From one end of the earth to another all Gods promises are true.

Then the time came and we had to shove off and head back.

We enjoyed the scenery all the way back.  I still cant believe this ole girl from Vidalia has been on a boat in the Amazon!

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