Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Love and Backyard Bible School

Day five was full yall!  After we got back from the last activity I told you about we had lunch which was RICE with a Chicken Cream sauce over it and sliced boiled eggs on the side.

After that we went to what we would call here a Backyard Bible School sort of day.  When we got to this play area some of the team went around calling for the kids to come play.  Once we had a group of kids together we did just that.  We played!    Todd played soccer, tug of war, and race (with kids on their backs).

I played jumprope, hula hoop, and "flip the kid" until I couldn't do it anymore.

Then I called for backup! :)

I love this picture of these little guys watching jump rope.  They watched soccer...  Then Chelsey brainstormed and figured out something to get them involved in play themselves!  She's GREAT!

Dan took lots of photos with his Ipad.   The kids and adults alike LOVED looking at their pictures and videos!

 Tonja built things with these guys.

After I "retired" from "flip the kid" I pulled out some fingernail polish I had brought with me and we painted ALL the girls nails.

After all their nails were done, I let them paint mine.  It was all a HIT!

This little guy in my lap stole my heart.  His name is Christian.  He got hurt at one point and I held him for the rest of the time we spent there.  He let me.  I was blessed.  I told him Jesus loved him and I loved him too.  He squeezed me so tight.  It squeezed tears right out of me.

After our play, time there was a Sunday School type lesson taught by the Safehouse guys.  The kids were so well behaved and participated and answered questions.  They got prizes and snacks and juice.

When our time was finished we left them.  Once again they ran after us wanting one more hug.

Me wanting one more picture.
We said "Chow" and away we went.


Anonymous said...

know you will cherish these pictures and memories. all children everywhere need attention and love!

Penny said...

Love these! You and Todd were in your element. :)