Monday, July 14, 2014


While the men were tearing down walls, building sheds, and getting stung, the girls took our own little trip to visit a sweet family.  Some sweet soul from the Kansas groups church gave them some money to help with whatever needs we chose to use it for. Wasnt that awesome?!  Thanks to you whoever you are.  We used some of that to buy groceries for this family.  On our walk over to visit them we stopped at a store and bought eggs, rice, diapers, things like that.  While we were there I picked up a few things to bring as well-little individual bags of cereal for the kids to snack on, and yogurt drink. I also stopped on the way and bought chicken for them.

When we arrived at the "house" only a few children were home.  The mother had taken the other children to take care of something to do with the kids.  I think it had something to do with school, but I am not positive.  Anyway, we looked around and waited on them.

This is their home. The wood you see is the only roof.  The rest is plastic sheeting.  When it rains hard like it had done basically each day we were there, the rain comes through.

On the dirt floor on the left were two small thin mattresses.  That is where the parents and 4 children sleep.  The hammock is where the baby sleeps.

This is their kitchen.   I guess I should stop griping about my cabinets and countertops now...

After a quick wait the family came home.  This is the mother and two of her children.

We brought dolls for them.  Can you see her excitement.  Excitement over little dolls like it was Christmas morning. They were so thankful and pleased.  We were so thankful and pleased.

 They were just precious.  Just totally precious.  I cant even...

For some reason we only had dolls.  No toys for boys.  What in the world were we thinking?  However there was only this one boy and once we realized that we only brought dolls, Calley reached into Salems bag and pulled out this toy train for Antony.  He was very happy with it, rolling the wheels, and playing with it immediately.

This little one was a bit nervous.  She never would come to me.  Believe me, I tried. She felt safer in her sisters arms.

We prayed over the family while we were there.

Did I mention they were precious.  I did?  Okay, just making sure.  Yes I did want to just scoop them up and pack them in my luggage.  I am pretty sure that there would have been more problems with customs. Not to mention their mommy would have missed them.

Isnt she beautiful?  She told me that she had suffered with cancer for many years.  23 I believe.  She showed me her foot which was very very swollen, purple, and with an open wound.  She said that was from the cancer.  She was in pain and had no money for doctors...  That is certainly a point in this trip that brought me to full fledge tears.  I knelt down before her and laid my hands on her and began to pray and cry.  Others came over to join me in prayer.  It was a special moment.  I believe God heard our prayer.  Afterwards she hugged me tight and thanked me for the prayer.  I continue to pray that God will completely heal her of cancer and that her foot will return to normal color and size and the wound will heal over. I pray that has already begun to happen and that one day I will hear a good report about her. In Jesus Name.

 This next picture has a story too.  That sweet little white hand you see is Salems.  His mama wouldn't put him down while we were there and he really wanted to get down.  So he cried.  This wonderful little girl took some of her cereal she had just been given and SHARED with him so that he wouldn't be sad.  The little girl who had nothing.  No toys, no pantry with snacks, no cupboard with food in it.  She gave part of her snack that she was so happy to receive and gave it to him.  What a lesson.  Did I tell you they were precious?!

 This part of our journey is one of the most special I experienced in Peru.  I am so thankful and blessed that I was able to be a part of that.  They are precious to me.  They are precious to God.


Penny said...

I wasn't even there and I'm crying, so it's definitely not just you. When I saw the first picture of the mom, I thought, "how beautiful" like you said after the picture. I would have pictured her looking worn out and old with those conditions. Hope her leg heals. ;( The children surprise me looking so healthy. And the picture of the child fiancé her cereal to Salem is beyond precious. :)
I, too, need to stop wishing for new cabinets and counters... So sad how much we take for granted. I do believe God blesses us financially~ and it is supposed to be used for helping others in need. So wish I could have been part of this, but my mission field right now is at home helping raise grands. Maybe I will get to go one day.

Anonymous said...

Tears from here too. they are precious, pretty children; loved by God and blessed by your group's visit and hope others will follow to bring God's love. hard to even imagine living in those conditions!

Cristi said...

Yes mom, it is hard to imagine. You see pictures, you hear others tell of it, you even see videos. But being there makes a huge difference in how your heart perceives it all.