Saturday, July 19, 2014


After we got back from the Special Needs school we had a supper of Chicken Noodle Soup with boiled egg.  (Not Todds favorite, however he still ate with a smile)  After supper we went down to the Square in Iquitos.

We gathered together and set up some sound equipment and got busy with some ministry.  A few of our people gave their testimonies, sharing with the people there how God had transformed their lives.  I was very blessed by that part hearing a few of our team sharing parts of their own lives and how different their lives had been before the change that God made in them.

After that we performed our drama there in the square.  You can watch it if you go to my wall on facebook.   It is a little hard to tell on the video the story, but basically it tells of life there in Iquitos where they do what they think they have to do to survive and how Jesus can bring total transformation through his love.

The Iquitos team did a dance they had obviously practiced a lot.  It was great.
This may or may not have been Jonathan "practicing" for the dance earlier at the Special Needs School. (And Charla helping him out)

There was a message as well there at the Square once again talking of Gods Transformation.

After all of that was over, we went around and talked to the people there, with an interpreter.  We asked if they would like prayer for anything.  I talked to a man and his wife and baby daughter.  He was very receptive and nice.  He was open to the things I talked with him about.  He said that he would like prayer for a job.  At first I assumed he was unemployed thus asking for prayer for a job.  However after more conversation I realized he did have a job.  He was asking me to pray that he would get a different job.  One where he could be home more with his wife and daughter.  The job he had, required him to be away for long periods of time.  Maybe something like a 28 on, 28 off type of thing.  I did pray with him about that.  He was very appreciative.  He also talked about needing to get "back into church".  He said that he used to go to church regularly but that he had been away from God for some time.  I talked with him about how God would not turn from us and that He was always waiting for us to turn to Him.  I also told him how important our relationship with God was and that it was even more important than us just getting "back to church".  He seemed to understand what I said and he talked to his wife about it while we were there.  I was very blessed to have been able to talk to and pray with this sweet family.  I pray God will, or already has helped him find a new job so he can be home with his family and I pray that he will continue to seek God and all God has for him, his wife, and daughter. I know that the bible says that we will find Him when we seek Him with all our hearts.

All the talk that night of transformation and how God can make such huge and wonderful changes in our lives when we allow him to, made me think of these faces.
 And how God loves them and desires for them to seek Him.
 How He desires a relationship with them, his children.  How he wants to bring change in their lives.

It was a very long and busy day.  From the rising of the sun until well after this sunset.

 I fell asleep that night praying for the little ones with those faces I kept seeing and seeing.  The ones I still see.


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Penny said...

Y'all's Peru posts make me cry. Such beauty in the faces of these people. Heartbreaking that they live in such poverty. ;(
The sunset picture is gorgeous! :)