Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nice stop on the Amazon

On down the river we went.  

 At our next stop we saw this.

We fed piranha there.

We saw crocodiles, which were a little different from the alligators we see in Louisiana.

We got to feed these arapaima fish.  We thought they were HUGE!  These are just the babies!!!  They started almost jumping out of the water to get their treat soon after I fed this one. I was so glad they didnt do that when I was feeding them.  Lance actually got nipped on the hand and it drew a little blood.  Yea, no thanks.

Did I mention we thought they were huge?  Yes well I was wrong.  This picture I got on the internet shows when they are full grown!   Wowsers!

There were parrots just hanging out.

Isnt that just a beautiful creation of God.

It was a nice and interesting stop.  Good to get off the boat and stretch our legs.

 It was nice spending time with the new people we met, those who were part of our team and also those who live there in Peru.

 There were more beautfiful things there as well.  So pretty!

 A very nice stop on the Amazon indeed!

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Anonymous said...

love the pic of you and the parrot! such a great and colorful one. an experience of a lifetime for sure!