Thursday, July 10, 2014

Next on The Agenda

The next thing on our agenda was to take the Jessica House women swimming.  So we got in our Moto Taxis and headed to a local hotel where you could pay to swim.  When we got there "all of the sudden" the price doubled.  Seriously!  They had warned us about this too.  The locals like to "take advantage" of the white people.  After a good bit of discussion and figuring out if we had enough "soles" (Peruvian money) with us, they finally decided we could swim for the price the missionaries always swim for.  Some of our team swam with the safe house women.  A few of us who did not care to swim had a seat and visited with each other.  That is where I learned a good bit more about some from our team and some of the missionaries.  We talked with one of our team from Kansas - Paige who had gotten news of a stressful event concerning her adopted child from Peru and a court issue.  Please pray with me for miraculous intervention regarding Caleb.  I also heard a wonderful story from another one from our team and how she came to her adoption process.  It is seriously an AMAZING story.  I really wish I could share it with you.  But at this time I cannot as I do not want to do anything at all to hinder her attempt to adopt a precious Peruvian princess.  It was really great getting to know these ladies.  They are amazing women of God who are laying down their lives - LITERALLY- and taking up JESUS!

We also heard a little about this sweeties story.  What a cutie.  His name is Teddy and this is his mommy.  Well after the adoption is complete it will be all legal.

A prayer from my journal:



While we were there someone ordered Ceviche.  I had read about it and had almost decided that I would try it while I was there.  Thankfully she was gracious enough to allow me to take a taste.  Ceviche is sorta like sushi in that it is raw fish - cooked with lime juice.  It was pretty good actually.  I dont enjoy raw fish, but the texture wasnt too bad.  Better  than I expected.  I probably wont ever order an entire meal of it.  But I am glad that I got to taste it there in Peru.  Thanks to you who shared.

After our swim we headed back to the Mission and had supper.  Lomo Sal Tado
I had heard of Lomo Sal Tado online and knew if we went to a restaurant that Todd should order that.  It would be something he would enjoy.  But our great chefs had made it for us!  It is beef, tomato, and onion over  -- you guessed it---RICE.  Have you noticed a trend yet in the meals.  Yes  RICE  basically every meal except for breakfast.

 So after our swim and supper we went to a Saturday Night church service.  It was in this building, their church.

My expectations were that I would not understand much.  As it is all in Spanish.
I was right.
However, what I did not expect was to feel God's Spirit move so.
We sang powerful songs in Spanish.  Some that I could somewhat follow along with, and not so much on others. But ALL OF WHICH I felt God's Spirit through.

Lance Hula, one of our team (Our Youth Pastor) gave his testimony that night.

This is him enjoying Inca Cola.  A very popular soda in Peru. (I brought some home to all the kids to try.)

 He did very well explaining that God's love is powerful and can bring you through any circumstance.

It was a long and wonderful day.

Today as I think about that night and all the other nights we were there,  I realize that I continually see the faces. I wonder if they are forever etched in my mind.

May God bless them and pour his Spirit out on them.

In His Name.


Amber said...

You have the sweetest heart, Cristi! I miss you and your laugh! :)

Cristi said...

Thats so sweet Amber, thank you.