Sunday, July 27, 2014

Soccer With The Guys

 After our great day on the Amazon we went back to the mission to a dinner of chicken with potatoes over ------- You guessed it--RICE!  :)  There was another beautiful sunset that night!

We cleaned up after our river trip and then loaded up in the Moto Taxis and went over to a nice soccer field.  SOCCER WITH THE GUYS! By Guys I mean, the Safehouse guys, the missionaries, the Jessica House women, and our team!

This is Lance showing some skill here.

Todd getting a little winded here.

"Did you see my goal?"

The safehouse guys took this seriously!

That soccer is a lot of running.

Becca in on the action here.

Katlyn knew what she was doing too.

I opted out and left the soccer playing up to those who half way knew what they were doing.  I did enjoy watching though.  (And taking pictures)

Like this of this sweet little spectator!

It was our last activity with all of the mission team there.  It was good spending time with them and sharing Gods love with them.  We said our goodbyes but as we were leaving, some of them ran over to hug us bye one more time.  They gave us very encouraging words along with their hugs.  It was very sweet.  I pray God will bless them abundantly and above all that they ask or think.  God certainly already has blessed them greatly.  I pray even more blessings on them.  In Jesus Name.

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